Personal Branding tips for Young Adults

Image Credit - Meera Sapra

Image Credit – Meera Sapra

It’s official – the paper resume and cold call have gone the way of the dinosaur.  Linkedin, which once seemed cutting edge, now represents the basic standard of professional networking.  Marketing yourself in the job market has become much easier with the rise simple content creation tools and Web 2.0. The tricky part is standing out in the endless barrage of content.  How do you standout in a ocean containing 40% of the globes population?

The answer is that you no longer just have to sell yourself to a particular job but instead selling yourself to the entire online world.  This is often called personal branding. Wikipedia defines personal branding as “the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brand” but could also be defined as shameless self promotion. Personal branding is more than having your work turn up when your name is searched, it is also making sure that your name pops up when the area of your expertise is searched. Personal branding can expand beyond the internet with social media gurus recommending dressing in a trademark manner at professional events. Think Steve Jobs distinctive black turtleneck.

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