at what point does a photograph become ‘in-authentic’?

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 6.26.44 PMRead the full article here:

All photos undergo some adjustment – where do we draw the line? Do you think what he did was legitimate?

The reality is that taking a photo is a kind of abstraction – it is a frozen 2D plane of colour and shade that we read as an image.

The conventions of news photojournalism is just as coded and contrived as an HDR image. These conventions were established when photography was a film based medium.

Part of what I think is brilliant about this image is that it casts that moment, that experience, in the realm of operatic drama. Maybe the photographer felt it was a once in a lifetime image and wanted to wring every ounce out of it.

It is true – human visual perception is very different from a machine. Our brains put together a scene from snatches and glances – at each point we adjust our iris to see into the shadow and the highlights.

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