Raffael Dörig – Exhibiting Internet Art, Pre & Post

Published on Dec 8, 2013

Post Digital Cultures, 6-7.12.2013, Lausanne
Symposium presented by the Federal Office of Culture (FOC), Switzerland and Les Urbaines

Raffael Dörig — Exhibiting Internet Art, Pre & Post

Raffael Dörig talks about the challenges of exhibiting works made on/after/post the Internet, with examples from Switzerland. The story starts with Barbara Strebel smuggling a modem into Switzerland to start the Basel node of The Thing in 1995 and continues with Reinhard Storz, who curated several online exhibition projects on his xCult platform from the mid-nineties on. Internet art entered the physical institutional art space on Swiss territory when the media art institution [plug.in] was founded in the year 2000, initiated by the city of Basel in the context of the first Internet boom. There, the first in-real-life* solo exhibition of net.art heroes Jodi took place in 2002, curated by Annette Schindler and Tilman Baumgärtel. Examples from Dörig’s own curatorial practice will include the group show Surfing Club (2010) at [plug.in] — a specialised New Media Art institution, Oliver Laric’s solo show Kopienkritik (2010) at Skulpturhalle Basel — the cast collection of the Museum of Ancient Art — and Christoph Wachter and Mathias Jud’s Tools for the Next Revolution (2013) at Kunsthaus Langenthal — an institute for contemporary art.

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