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How the Weird Art of Food Photography Went Mainstream
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Radha S. Hegde, ‘Food blogs and the digital reimagination of South Asian diasporic publics’, South Asian Diaspora, Volume 6, Issue 1, 2014, Special Issue:   MAPPING DIASPORIC SUBJECTIVITIES

  • Using the vivid appeal of photographs and text, South Asian diasporic bloggers present the pleasures of traditional recipes of regional Indian food. While the bloggers offer individual reminiscences about home, homeland and the comfort of home-cooked meals, the blog serves as a cultural form that works within a circulatory matrix where new configurations of cosmopolitan sociality are being constituted. In the transnational intimacies of the virtual kitchen, the bloggers create a culinary archive that mines regional details and local origins only to go beyond and forge broader culinary publics. Building linkages within prescribed templates, the blogs signify a new moment in the globalization of Indian regional food and a digital turn in the formation of networks of sociality and a strategic distribution of diasporic publics.
Development of methodologies for researching online: the case of food blogs. Domingo, Myrrh and Kress, Gunther and O’Connell, Rebecca and Elliott , Heather and Squire, Corinne and Jewitt, Carey and Adami, Elisabetta (2014) Development of methodologies for researching online: the case of food blogs. NCRM Working Paper. NCRM, London. (Unpublished) PDF (NCRM working paper)
  • The expanding reach of the Internet has opened new sites for conducting social science research. The prominence of blogs in combination with their varied areas of focus makes them a rich source of qualitative ‘user-generated data’. However, there are significant practical challenges in empirical research on digital material online. Central among these are ethical, archival and methodological issues. We highlight these in the development of our cross-disciplinary approach. We combine multimodal social semiotic, ethnographic and narrative methods to examine blogs, in our case here, food blogs, created on WordPress platforms. ‘Food blogs’ are a prospective source of information about parenting, feeding and caring for children, given blogs’ wide use among parents, particularly mothers, in the UK. This relatively new digital environment of the blog, in which often quite intimate portraits of family life are materialized through public ‘multimodal narratives’ of mothers, provides the context for our online research. In this paper, we explicate on our combined multimodal social semiotic, ethnographic and narrative methods to provide a more encompassing approach: one that is able to attend to the unique, online material, which might not be wholly illuminated by any one of the three methodologies used independently. This involves coming to terms with the different epistemological perspectives that guide and shape the cross-disciplinary collaboration. We explain the framework we developed and the research processes, including data sampling, collection, archival and analysis; provide an overview of key findings from the substantive focus of this project; discuss the overall possibilities and constraints of working with combined perspectives; as well as offer suggestions for future online research in blogging platforms.
Andrew M. Cox, Megan K. Blake, (2011) “Information and food blogging as serious leisure”, Aslib Proceedings, Vol. 63 Iss: 2/3, pp.204 – 220DOI




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